QUT bluebox Übercamp

QUT bluebox is offering 20 of its best and brightest the exclusive opportunity to attend an interactive two-day camp at Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast.

You should apply to Übercamp if you want to learn to:

Who's running the camp?

Übercamp is led by Peter Andrews and Fiona Wood, co-authors of Überpreneurs: How to Create Innovative Global Businesses and Transform Human Societies.

Peter is a former Queensland Chieft Scientist and the founder of several biotechnology companies and research institutes in Australia. Fiona is an Industry Fellow at QUT-IFE and an innovation & policy advisor with several international organisations. Her work focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by converging technologies, global mobility and the supply of STEM talent, and the translation of research outcomes into practical solutions.

Visit www.uberpreneurs.com to read more about Peter, Fiona and their book.


Übercamp is open to QUT early-career researchers and QUT students. Applicants MUST be able to attend BOTH days of camp.

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 18 March 2018. Twenty applicants will be chosen to attend Übercamp, and all applicants will be notified by 02 April 2018. Read Terms and Conditions

What the previous attendees said about Übercamp

It far exceeded my expectations. Loved every second of it An excellent atmosphere, highly supportive Content has encouraged me to pursue some of my ventures

Übercamp 2018

Applications have closed but there will be a second round of Übercamp 2018 applications set to open in August.