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Australia's first robotics dedicated accelerator.

Want to work with one of the world’s leading humanoid robot platforms? Or do you have your own robotics startup idea? The QUT bluebox Robotics Accelerator gives you the chance to work with one of Australia’s leading technology commercialisation firms in concert with SoftBank Robotics Corp. on their ‘Pepper’ humanoid robot platform. This is your chance to get on board the robotics revolution!

Participating teams will gain access to world class robotics experts, highly experienced industry mentors, cutting edge entrepreneurship education via MOOCs out of MIT and $15,000 in funding to bring your visions to reality.

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Gain Connections

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Prize winning team

World leading entreprenurship program

World leading entreprenurship program

Winning Teams

The teams pitched their startups and the top three team won funding and a trip to Japan to take part in the Pepper App challenge 2017! Travics took out third prize!

The coding and robotics funding supports the government’s broad agenda for digital transformation in Queensland.

Pepper Robotics Winners

All the winners of Pepper application teams include:


Winner: Travics applies machine learning and humanoid robotics to provide an improved holiday selection experience, while simultaneously providing automated customer analytics to travel agencies. The team won $15,000 with a chance to travel to Japan.


Second Prize: EasyAI are using the unique ability of the humanoid robot Pepper to connect with children to provide happiness and reassurance in paediatric hospital wards. The team won $15,000 with a chance to travel to Japan.


Runner Up: Nuarda is applying sophisticated image analysis and robotic vision tools to bring advanced in-store customer analytics to small and medium sized enterprises. The team won $10,000 with a chance to travel to Japan.

Own Hardware Winners

All the winners of Hardware (new robotic platforms) teams include:

Raw Robotics

Winner: Robotics will play a huge role in the future of business; RAWrobotics have developed a suite of robotics education/training tools that can grow with learners from basic to highly complex applications. The team won $30,000 with a chance to travel to Japan.


Second Prize: Skygrow is looking to reverse the decline in global forests permanently. Skygrow is developing autonomous tree planting robots that never tire or stop and can accelerate reafforestation by planting robust tree seedlings in all weather conditions, all year round. The team won $15,000 with a chance to travel to Japan.


Runner Up: FabricCNC is creating a low cost, small footprint, but high fidelity CNC machine to allow SMEs to produce robust machined parts on site as an alternative to outsourcing production. Providing a step change in time and development costs for these businesses, FabrickCNC is poised to capture a massive, unmet market need for SMEs everywhere.


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Frequently Asked Questions


The Robotics Accelerator is a three (3) month intensive startup development program designed to assist new robotics ventures in accelerating their entry into the marketplace. The Accelerator is being run by QUT bluebox in partnership with Advance Queensland and the ST Solutions Australia (STSA), a subsidiary of the SoftBank Corp.


The accelerator is exclusively focused on startups looking to build businesses around robotics. Any robotics startup is welcome to apply.

In addition, the humanoid robot 'Pepper' will be available as a development platform during the program. Work on Pepper is restricted to development of software applications for the robot, which means if you are interested in working on this platform, you don’t need to undertake development of the physical robot itself.


Teams working on non-Pepper robotics should be somewhere in between having a minimum viable product through to a nearly-finished product.Teams entering based on the application of the Pepper robot should have a well identified market problem and potential Pepper application which solves that problem.


This is a unique opportunity to work with one of Australia’s premier technology commercialisation companies, QUT bluebox , along with the program partners, Advance Queensland and STSA. QUT bluebox has run hardware focused accelerators for the past three years, creating a range of successful startups now in the market. Combined with entrepreneurial education from MIT, a sole focus on robotics startups and non-equity funding, the Accelerator program represents a unique opportunity for robotics startups to accelerate their development in the market.


QUT bluebox Pty Limited (bluebox) is the innovation and knowledge transfer company for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. QUT bluebox is running the Robotics Accelerator.

Advance Queensland is a Queensland Government suite of programs designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, drive productivity improvements and help position the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture. Advance Queensland has provided some of the funding underpinning the Accelerator program.

ST Solutions Australia (STSA) is an Australian subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. is a Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation established in 1981, and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. STSA is a partner of the Accelerator program is making its humanoid robotics platform, ‘Pepper’ available as a development platform throughout the program