QUT Bluebox signs agreement with MDxHealth to commercialise oral cancer liquid biopsy test

July 19, 2017
Media Release

QUT Bluebox signs agreement with MDxHealth to commercialise oral cancer liquid biopsy test

Oral cancer has a significant global incidence with over 1,500 cases diagnosed annually in Australia and over 20,000 in the USA.  Early detection is key to survival, but noticeable symptoms appear at a more advanced stage when there is a less favourable prognosis.

The saliva-based test was created by Associate Professor Punyadeera from QUT’s School of Biomedical Sciences and the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI).  The test is expected to facilitate much earlier detection of oral cancer and potentially detect precancerous lesions by a variety of specialities including general practitioners, oncologists and dentists.  After collecting a simple non-invasive saliva swab, samples would be sent to a lab or tested on site to determine if a patient requires further investigation.

The test investigates abnormal DNA methylation changes in saliva which is an early event seen in early tumor progression.  Methylation of DNA is one way that cells regulate gene activity and abnormal methylation indicates a patient may have a higher risk of developing cancer.

Ultimately the diagnostic test could be commercialised globally, improving thousands of patient lives and providing a share of proceeds back to Australia to support further research and translational activities at QUT.

MDxHealth is a multinational healthcare company headquartered in Belgium with a strong presence in Europe and the USA and a global reach. MDxhealth provides actionable epigenetic information to personalise the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and is already a strong performer in urology diagnostics providing their ConfirmMDx test which gives valuable diagnostic information to patients with prostate cancer.  MDxHealth is a growing company with a pipeline of products in bladder, kidney and other urologic cancers.

QUT Bluebox is QUT’s innovation, venture and investment company.  QUT Bluebox helps the QUT community get their ideas and research out into the real world, and connect industry with research and new ventures to make a real-world impact.  QUT Bluebox’s work on this project included IP management, Go To Market Funding, industry engagement, licensing, commercialisation advice and support.

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