The QUT bluebox podcast

March 26, 2018
Media Release

QUT bluebox launches new podcast

QUT bluebox has launched a new podcast, ‘The QUT bluebox podcast’ aimed at the QUT community to help answer questions about startups and commercialisation.

QUT bluebox, Chief Entrepreneur-in-Residence and host of the podcast Dr. Tim MacTaggart said the podcast is an important part for the community.

“We want to be able to help as many QUT students, staff and alumni as we can to take their ideas and create impact.  We created the QUT bluebook to answer some of the common questions, but we also have this podcast so we can unpack some of the questions and hear from other key people in the startup ecosystem,” Dr MacTaggart said.

The podcast is set for a monthly schedule, which will include interviews with key people, discussion on startup and innovation topics and answers common questions.

The first episode includes QUT startup club, QUT starters president and vice-president, Jackson Grant and Josie Bird (respectively).

The QUT bluebox podcast is available now on iTunes and Stitcher.

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