March 26, 2018
Media Release


QUT bluebox has licensed the development of a promising preclinical anti-cancer drug with CARP Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd based in Brisbane.

The announcement of the exclusive licence to CARP Pharmaceuticals was made today at the BIO International Convention in Boston.

Associate Professor and Principle Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and co-inventor of the drug, Dr Derek Richard said the therapeutic drug, DKLS02 could potentially be used for different types of cancers including solid tumour cancers such as lung cancer, advanced prostate cancer and melanoma.

Associate Professor Richard said DKLS02, is unique in that it targets a common feature of all cancers.

“Cancer cells evade drugs and move to different parts of the body by altering their genetic code,” Associate Professor Richard said.

“The QUT research team found the initial trials for DKLS02 showed it blocks the cancer cells from repairing these genetic changes and this results in the cancer cells genetic code falling apart and the cells dying.

“DKLS02 is a first in class inhibitor of hSSB1. hSSB1 functions to sense genetic damage in the cell.  As cancer cells have 1000 fold more DNA damage events than normal cells they cannot tolerate the loss of hSSB1. DKLS02 makes the cancer’s genetic code collapse,” Associate Professor Richard said.

He said it was planned the new drug would be in Phase 1 clinical trials by the second quarter 2019.

CARP Pharmaceuticals Chair, Mr Godfrey Mantle said he was pleased to support the development of DKLS02 and that assessments are to be conducted in Queensland.

Mr Mantle said with cancer being one of the leading cause of death in Australia this therapeutic drug has the potential to help thousands of Australians.

In attendance for the signing QUT bluebox CEO, Tim McLennan; Godfrey Mantle (pictured), Associate Professor Derek Richard; and co-inventor of DKLS02 Professor Ken O’Byrne, and QUT bluebox, Commercial Operations GM.

“QUT bluebox’s ongoing partnership with CARP, and this drug in particular, has the potential to have significant positive effects on people all over the world, we are proud this innovation has come out of QUT and Queensland,” Mr McLennan said.

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