Quantum Geology win QUT Accelerator Demo Day

March 8, 2017
Media Release

AI Geology startup team wins pitch at QUT Accelerator Demo Day

Quantum Geology walked away as winners of the pitch event at the QUT Accelerator Demo day on March 7, 2018.

The night included each team pitching their startup for five minutes in front of an audience of 200 people plus special guests QUT V.C, Professor Margaret Sheil; QUT bluebox chair, Professor Peter Andrews; the three judges, executive, Paul Wyatt; CEO of Brisbane startup, Haystack, Ran Heimann; and QUT Creative Enterprises Australia, Expert in Residence and Investment Fund Manager, Shelli Trung.

“We are really happy with this cohort, they have worked hard to get their startups ready,” Chief Entrepreneur in Residence, Dr Tim MacTaggart said.

“From Quantum Geology, to Van& Villa they showed innovation and dedication.

What has made Quantum Geology stand out is their ability to apply advanced AI technology to what is traditionally a very conservative industry.

By dragging geology into the 21st century, Quantum Geology is positioned to revolutionise how we find and produce gold in the future.”

Quantum Geology is a startup by QUT alumni Sheree Burdinat and Warwick Anderson.

Their startup aims to want to improve the search for minerals, a time consuming and expensive exercise subject to professional judgement and interpretation. Quantum Geology has created a program that uses artificial intelligence to scale geospatial data sets to more effectively and efficiently identify previously overlooked high value mineral deposits.

“From now Quantum Geology, are looking to help Australian miners quickly locate new gold deposits, so they will definitely be a startup to watch,” Dr MacTaggart said.

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