2019 Challenge Finalists

June 17, 2019
Media Release

2019 Finalists announced

Baby Give Back - A charity that provides or lends baby essentials to families experiencing hardship.ABaby Gives back photo of founder

Pictured: Baby Give Back founder Carly Fradgley

Notiv - Meeting recording application that uses AI to index, analyse and integrate into other business tools.Founders of Notiv

Pictured: Notiv founders Iain McCowan, Chris Raethke

Cardly - An online application that sends physical greetings cards via postal mail, with your own emulated handwriting.

Pictured: Cardly founder Patrick Gaskin

Marc AI - An email moderator application that prevents users from sending inflammatory emails.Marc AI team

Pictured: Marc AI team Jenni O'Kelly, Jack Preston

Macrobotix - Mobile and autonomous robots capable of painting/coating internal and external walls up to 15m high.
Macrobotix team

Pictured: Macrobotix founder  Ivan Storr, Josh Esplin and team

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