QODE 2019 Wrap up

May 29, 2019

Wrap up | Reflections on QODE 2019

QODE is a two day global forum for innovation and technology. It took place at the beginning of April in Brisbane’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. QUT bluebox had a booth at the convention and I had the pleasure of attending some talks, visiting 100+ startups on the convention floor and representing QUT bluebox in our booth.

QODE is heavily supported by the Queensland Government and Advance Queensland, who continue to demonstrate that their commitment to building a strong startup ecosystem in Queensland is a top priority. In their opening remarks, both Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Kate Jones, talked about the incredible level of investment over the past five years into seeding and growing the ecosystem. This is great news for Queensland and for Australia. Building a startup ecosystem and reaping the fruits of investment exceeds just five years. I was very glad to see that the government is willing to play the long game and I’m positive that this investment will pay off handsomely by creating new jobs and opportunities, while making Queensland a global innovation hub and a top destination for startups.

The keynote speaker and MC for the event was Yuval Dror, an Israeli expert in the field of Sociology of Technology. At first, I thought that having a foreign MC seemed like an odd choice, but very quickly I, and I suspect the rest of the audience, fell in love with Yuval’s unique and charismatic delivery style. In fact, it was nice to have an outsider shake things up a bit. Yuval’s keynote talk included ear blasting music, jumping on the stage and engaging the audience. Yuval did a fantastic job in delivering his insights about the future of jobs in a highly entertaining manner which kept the audience glued to their seats. I had the pleasure of chatting with Yuval over coffee a few hours before he had to catch his flight back to Israel.  It was clear that he enjoyed his first trip to Australia and was very impressed with what is happening here. I’m quite confident we will see him again in the future.

At our QUT bluebox booth, a variety of merchandise was available. When it comes to merch I’m usually sceptical, it’s hard for me to see the value in it. Our booth at QODE taught me a lesson, merch works! Our table was loaded with fun, branded calendars, reusable bags, beach balls, happy clappers, and more. Merch is a great way to get people to your booth and start a conversation. Sure, some people just wanted to grab a beach ball, but for the majority the merch provided an easy way to strike a conversation. And from a brand perspective, it was awesome to have so many people walking the floor advertising QUT bluebox.

I wasn’t here five years ago, but I’ve been told that in terms of a startup ecosystem there wasn’t much happening in Queensland. Fast forward five years, QODE demonstrated the strength of the growing ecosystem, with hundreds of startups, innovation, and a huge amount of activity. Just imagine how far Queensland will get if we continue to water the ecosystem and allow it to flourish.

Yotam Rosenbaum | Chief Entrepreneur in Residence | QUT bluebox

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