Accelerator Wrap up

May 25, 2017

Wrap up | QUT Accelerator powered by QUT bluebox

Well, we’ve just finished the fifth QUT bluebox accelerator, and much like the Olympics, it was the best one ever!

Well, not quite like the Olympics, but I think it would be fair to say it was the best one we’ve ever run.  Of course, we’d like to take some credit for that, but a lot of it comes down to the quality of the teams we had in the program, which reflects a growing maturity in the startup ecosystem at QUT and in Queensland in general.

So while we had some very early stage teams in the program, we also had quite a few who were already selling product and in one case raising quite a bit of finance to fund their growth.  What hasn’t changed over the past four years is the passion that our startup founders have for their ventures, and aside from seeing the growth that people and teams undergo during the accelerator, seeing that passion is one of the most rewarding parts of working with our accelerator teams.

And while the teams are getting better, QUT bluebox is also getting better at accelerating their development.  That stems from the experience our team has gained through previous accelerators, it comes from the quality of the mentors we have in the program and the commitment of our industry partners and experienced entrepreneurs to the program, and it comes from the quality of the facilities we use to run the program.

The startup ecosystem is also maturing at QUT as a whole with a range of programs designed to help founders grow their business from ideation, through to investment by the university via the QUT bluebox Founders’ Initiative.  What that means is that QUT bluebox can help startups throughout their journey, with the accelerator being only one stop on the pathway to startup superstardom!

This year we were really excited to be able to help companies working on everything from AI for goldmining to sports performance management, from corporate social responsibility to home coffee roasting and from nutraceuticals to computer game design.  Not only did this year’s accelerator reflect the broad ecosystem of education you can receive at QUT, but 50% of the team founders were female!  And not before time, too..

So if you’re a fan of startups, are thinking about starting one, or are just looking to learn more about entrepreneurship, then get in contact with us as we’ll almost certainly have a program that can help you.  And if you’re a fan of robotics, keep an eye out as we open entries for our second robotics accelerator, which will start at in early July.

And of course, you can expect that one to be the new best QUT bluebox accelerator ever…!

Dr Tim MacTaggart | Chief Entrepreneur in Residence | QUT bluebox

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