iNSPIRE Challenge Finalist 2018

May 25, 2017

Inspire Sports Australia QUT bluebox Challenge Finalist 2018

Combined with arduous daily training, the expectation to perform, the demand to push their bodies to new limits, and limited downtime, young athletes are under an intense amount of pressure. As a former elite athlete, Annie Flamsteed ,founder of  iNSPIRE Sports Australia, knows exactly how this can affect young sportspeople and has created a solution that harnesses both physical and metal elements to support healthy, strong, confident sports stars.

Q&A with iNSPIRE Sports Australia founder Annie Flamsteed

Who is iNSPIRE Sport Australia?

iNSPIRE Sport Australia (iNSPIRE)was founded by Annie Flamsteed, a current QUT student in Exercise Science. As a former elite athlete, Annie is passionate about the holistic well-being of young athletes.  Annie now heads a dynamic team that brings in a wealth of knowledge to make iNSPIRE.

“We are a team of specialists in the fields of sports psychology, sports nutrition and exercise science. As a group we have a range of different skills and inputs that all work nicely together to allow us to execute and run a very fast paced startup,” Annie said.

What does iNSPIRE Sport Australia do?

iNSPIRE is an online platform and mobile application that specialises in improving the performance and longevity of young athletes’ careers by tracking their physical and mental health.

The platform has three components, each designed and gamified for its young audience:

  1. Evidence-based education modules to improve understanding of various relevant topics.
  2. A tracking and analysis feature that can be linked to a wearable fitness tracker or be manually input to record progress and identify areas of strengths and areas that require development as well as tips for improvement.
  3. Reporting and communication function that links to coaches and clubs to better understand the health and wellness of their athletes and tailor their training as required.

It may seem fundamental that physical, nutritional, mental and emotional guidance is required to keep young athletes engaged but Annie explains this is often missed.

“Professional level athletes have a team of people to keep them motivated from burnout, injury or psychological health issues, but the same is not afforded for young athletes,” Annie said.

iNSPIRE assists in this problem. The platform and application gives the athlete and their coach an all-inclusive view of the athlete physical and mental state, and keeps them engaged along the way.

“At iNSPIRE, we offer a solution for athletes via our well-being programs, and a solution for the sports industry via our data tracking app which gives insight into a demographic that has never been tracked before,” Annie explains.

Biggest challenge with starting up iNSPIRE?

Annie explains one of the challenges iNSPIRE faced was swaying sporting bodies towards their youth segment of athletes aged 14-25.

“We are now seen as the pioneers in the sports tech market and it’s exciting to see so many national bodies and bigger companies jumping on board to support us. The market is on board with us now, however initially we had what seemed like a different model. As a business, we took notice of research showing that young, developing athletes are the ones who need the most support. Usually in the sport tech market, businesses cater only to professional athletes, and those already at the highest level of sport. At iNSPIRE, we are changing that and making it our priority to nurture and support young athletes to reduced drop out and burn out rates and subsequently have more success athletes at the top.”

Greatest iNSPIRE success to date

“Our greatest success is having an 87 percent engagement rate among our users, 87 percent of active users are engaging and using our app every day! This has allowed us to capture highly sought after, consistent data. This data is what gave us our biggest success story to date, which is investment interest from a major company!” Annie said.

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On the QUT bluebox challenge

“The QUT bluebox Challenge has been amazing, the pitch workshop and the support from Yotam, Tim and Brent has been unreal. Meeting the other teams was amazing and to be honest, I would be happy to see any of us win, I feel as though we are all in this together. The pitch session was amazingly valuable; it is always daunting pitching to big crowds so this really helped.”

On possibility of winning the Challenge

“If we were to win the challenge, it would be game changing for us in many ways. More than just the investment prize, the introductions, support and the networking that would come off the back of this success would be incredibly valuable. The cash investment would allow us to expand our team, which at this stage is very important.  We are also about to embark on some research around athlete mental health, and the funds would allow us to invest some extra money in some research students from QUT. I have always felt QUT and QUT bluebox have been 100 percent supportive of us and we would love to be able to give back, in any way that we can.  Winning this challenge would be a great way for us to fast-track our success and also create opportunities for others coming through.”

Advice to applicants next year:

“Take the opportunity and jump in boots and all. There are SO many valuable, experienced and exceptional people that work together to make up QUT Bluebox - they are the reason we are where we are today. From the first time I met Yotam and Tim prior to applying for the 2017 QUT bluebox Accelerator, I felt accepted and supported on my start-up journey. My advice would be to ask as many questions, send as many emails and talk to as many people as you possibly can. The ecoystem at QUT bluebox is amazing and not only has this allowed my company to grow to new heights, but I have grown as a person also and I will be forever grateful for this. The Challenge is a great opportunity to get real-life pitch experience and honest feedback, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the start-up or scale up phase of their journey.”

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