Challenge Finalist 2017

May 25, 2017

bidhive QUT bluebox Challenge Finalist 2018

bidhive QUT bluebox Challenge 2018 Finalist

Bidding and applying for tender opportunities is crucial for the livelihood of many workplaces. Winning a bid can result in more work, growth and opportunity for businesses. Similarly losing bids can mean businesses wind-up or layoffs. The process of putting the application together can be highly stressful, complex and time consuming. This is where Bidhive can help. Bidhive co-founders, Nyree McKenzie and Aaron Godde aim to take the stress and pressure off putting bids and tenders together, while helping businesses create knowledge from each bid.

Q&A with Bidhive founder Nyree McKenzie

Who is Bidhive?

Bidhive was created by QUT business alumni, Nyree McKenzie and Aaron Godde.  Nyree, a mother of two, already had experience with juggling work, home and pressures of management tender submissions. She had already established Thought Bubble a consultancy focused on bid management and government communication.

“I was actually pregnant with my first child when I started my consultancy. Then, when I attended Harvard Business School as a recipient of QUT’s Fostering Executive Women scholarship I came up with the idea of for Bidhive. I noticed the anguish, stress and pressure it put on workplaces trying to put tenders together, and it was a global problem,” Nyree said.

Nyree explains that often workplaces do not have the skilled people or bandwidth required to effectively prepare tenders and bids. She looked for ways to aid teams not just sharing her own knowledge but also searching for tools and software to help the process. Nothing really hit the mark. Nyree knew there was a better way; it just hadn’t been created yet.  It was then that she started to plan out how she could create a platform that would streamline this process.  This is how Bidhive was developed.

Nyree now champions a team of knowledgeable industry experts, software engineers and designers who make up the Bidhive team.

What does Bidhive do?

Bidhive is an end to end platform that helps companies plan, manage, track and report on their bid activity resulting in higher quality bids and less time and resources wasted.

Bidhive not only provides the platform that allows users to collaborate but it also has features unparalleled in the market including best practice frameworks that introduce work winning behaviours, including qualification, strategy and win-loss analytics . The team are also planning to develop a health and wellbeing tracking tool to monitor the health of bid teams who are under constant pressure in a deadline-driven environment.

Biggest challenge with starting up Bidhive

For the co-founders, the biggest challenge was in finding the right product development team to take the platform forward from MVP to commercialisation. Nyree and Aaron teamed up with an exceptional team from the QUT Collider accelerator program and together they have built a strong platform that users love.

Greatest success for Bidhive to date

We’re excited by the reaction to Bidhive among some of the largest infrasttucture companies in Australia. We’re now getting enquireies from international markets. Our greatest success has been riding the ups and downs and being tenacious enough to not give up. We’re bringing the idea to market and executing on our early commercialisation goals.

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On the QUT bluebox challenge

"My experience with the QUT bluebox Challenge has great. I enjoyed meeting the other teams and other female entrepreneurs. The workshops have been excellent, and we have already started incorporating some of the tips!"

On possibility of winning the Challenge

“Winning the QUT bluebox Challenge would mean we would be able to do so much more to boost our sales and marketing!”

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