Adepto Challenge Finalist 2017

May 25, 2017

Adepto QUT bluebox Innovation Challenge Finalist 2017

Sourcing the right staff, in timely manner and within budget is difficult and time consuming but what if there was a way to source, manage, and share independent workers internally and externally? And what if there was a way for you to find your next employer easily?

Adepto aims to solve this common human resources issue easily and economically with what they call a capability brokerage app

Q&A with Michael Derwin co-founder of Adepto

Who is Adepto?

Adepto founders, Chris Milligan, a QUT business alum with recruitment marketplace experience and his co-founder, Michael Derwin (pictured), an experienced consultancy firm owner came up with the idea of Adepto after their own difficult experience sourcing the right staff.

Growing into the UK, Adepto CEO, Chris, splits his time across the UK and Australia.

What is Adepto?

Servicing both large organisation and SME’s (small to medium enterprises) Adepto is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that enables organisations to attract, engage and manage their own talent marketplace.

“We thought there has got to be an easier way to find workers, especially contingent staff, without using a middleman,”  Michael Derwin explained, “we searched to see if there was something like this but there wasn’t so we thought it’s best to build it ourselves.”

“We combined our business experience, and our shared frustrations in trying to find the right staff, we saw that technology is becoming easier and more accessible, and that hand-held devices are a preferred mode for many people. We combined all those things to create Adepto,”

Adepto will also help staff connect with potential employers.

“We’re going to live longer, work longer, and have multiple careers. So surely, there is a way we can create a digital professional passport we can share with our employers or prospective employers”.

“There is an ecosystem out there. That if we could look through your record of accomplishment and background we could say, you know what, you're probably going to do X job next. Would you like to meet some people who are probably going to be looking for people like you in two years’ time?” Michael explained.

Biggest challenge with starting up Adepto?

“The idea is really big and kind of complicated! Adepto takes a fundamentally different approach to an existing problem so it makes it difficult to explain simply, it is like explaining social media to a person before social media existed. Now, social media is a very simple concept, but when it did not exist it was hard to imagine.”

“We call Adepto capability brokerage. Now, it may sound foreign but in five years’ time, we hope that people can just say ‘oh that’s a capability brokerage app’. But until then, it’s a new thing and we have to explain, simply.

Greatest success to date?

Michael acknowledges that the success for Adepto is a result of exactly what Adepto are trying to create for SMEs — great teams!

“We've have landed several multinational clients which is a great success, we really did this with sheer conviction and passion, ultimately that is a result of having great people in the team,”

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On the QUT bluebox Challenge

"The QUT bluebox Challenge has excellent group of mentors and coaches, it is very practical! It’s a great experience."

What would it meant to you win the QUT bluebox Challenge

"Winning the QUT bluebox challenge would be validation. We are competitive, we are compelling we are interesting. We have a legitimate offer to a legitimate problem. For a small business, the prize money is very helpful."

Advice to applicants next year?  

“I think they should absolutely apply. If for no other reason than for what it will demand of them to try to position their business and clearly communicate what they do, how they do, why they do it.”

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