Haystack Challenge Finalist 2014

May 25, 2017

Haystack QUT bluebox Challenge Finalist 2014 - Q&A

What is Haystack?

Haystack is business cards, without the paper. It stores and updates the business cards you receive and lets you share your own business card directly from your phone.

How is Haystack different to other digital business card solutions?

Unlike existing solutions, Haystack can:

  • share your card with anyone (they don’t need the app or phone); and
  • automatically updates your phone when people’s contact details change.

Are you hoping to launch the android, Google and Apple versions of the app at the end of October?

Oct 21st 2014 is our ‘go live’ date for both iPhones and androids.

When did you found the company?

While we originally started working on it as a side project about three years ago, we only founded the company in February 2014.

Have you raised any investment to date?

Yes, we have raised a seed round, which helps us employ an amazing team of seven (with six QUT degrees between us).

You’ve already founded another company, ShliX Ice Cream, in Fortitude Valley. Did that give you experience vital to running Haystack?

Definitely. Many of the fundamentals of starting a business off the ground are similar. Funnily enough, it was a conversation about how to connect with physical ice cream customers online that led us to the idea behind Haystack.

Both Ran and Matan are QUT alumni. What did you study at QUT and when?

Matan – Bachelor of Fine Arts, Creative Writing major

Ran – Bachelor of Business, Banking & Finance major, and an MBA (Strategy & Entrepreneurship)

What would it mean for your business to win the Innovation Challenge?

Winning the Innovation Challenge, would allow us to progress our idea from ‘the best business card in the world’, to ‘the first wearable business card in the world’ – and truly break new ground, right here in Brisbane.

For more information

Contact: Liliana Campos

Email: enquiries@qutbluebox.com.au

Phone: +61 7 3138 9420