Boardcave Challenge Finalist 2014

May 25, 2017

Boardcave QUT bluebox Challenge Finalist 2014 - Q&A

What is Boardcave?

Boardcave bridges the gap between surfboard shapers (manufacturers) and surfers.  We’re the first to provide surfers with the technology to find, compare and buy the best surfboards from the leading manufacturers in the world.

We built the patented Boardcave technology and online systems to help surfboard and surf hardware manufacturers facilitate orders directly with surfers online. We’re continuously refining our systems, and the more data we gather the easier it becomes for our customers to find, compare and buy the best surf equipment.

Our goal is to improve the buying experience, helping surfers find the right surfboards and surf hardware to match their surfing needs.

How long have you been operating as a business?

We incorporated at the end of 2011 and the website has been live for about 18 months.

Are you looking to expand into international markets?

We recently licenced the Boardcave software in the multibillion-dollar Brazilian surf market and we’re also incorporating in the US, as ‘Boardcave USA’ is ready to launch.

What did you study at QUT and when?

Ryan: Bachelor of Mass Communication between the Business and Creative Industry faculties. I finished my degree in 2008.

Chris: Bachelor of Information Technology, graduating in 2010.

What gave you the idea for Boardcave and when?

Working full-time and trying to find the right size, shape and model surfboards was an inconvenience. Both Chris and I worked for tech companies and knew the first place people go when researching products was online, but there was very little information available and a lot of grey area around buying the right size and shaped surfboard online.

We’ve developed a solution that takes the guess work out of buying surfboards, and the more data we gather the better the systems become. You can visit, research all the different surfboards and their specifications in depth, then order your custom board online directly from the manufacturer.

Do you have any experience in start-ups or business?

Both Chris and I have worked for software and web companies that grew from start-ups into national and global businesses. These experiences helped us identify the opportunity and put the steps in place to works towards the commercialisation of Boardcave. We have both always had an interest in technology and been actively involved in the start up community.

What would it mean for your business to win the Innovation Challenge?

Winning the innovation challenge would provide us with the funding to manage our growth and expand into the US market. Winning would provide the funding needed to expand our team, providing the much-needed resources to manage our growth into global markets.

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