In 2014 Tanda, entered the QUT bluebox Innovation challenge , what came next was an innovation for the real world.

Tasmin Trezise  and a team of seven other students  from disciplines in finance, maths, accounting, I.T, engineering,  and law entered the QUT Innovation Challenge with an idea for an automated time and attendance tool to help staff process payroll in minutes, Tanda.

“We wanted to revolutionise the payroll industry”  he said. The digital solution the team came up with automates repetitive payroll processes, such as rostering, timesheets and penalty-rate calculations, for industries involving shift work and hourly rates such as child care, health care, franchises, retail and hospitality.

Like most inventions, Tanda founders say their innovation was borne out of necessity, while three of the team were executive officers of the QUT Student Guild.

"We were complaining about how so much of our time was being spent manually processing timesheets for our employees, leaving us no time to build the Student Guild's business", said finance graduate Tasmin Trezise.

"Our flatmate Alex, an IT major, said he had a potential solution for automation, which he developed and we trialled with the Student Guild in late 2012.

"A year and half on, more than 5,000 employees around Australia are clocking in and out of Tanda and administrative staff tell us they actually look forward to payroll processing because what once took them up to eight hours to do manually now takes them about five minutes."

“If it wasn’t for QUT bluebox we wouldn’t have been able to do this until next year or the year after, they helped in making it much faster and much better.

QUT Bluebox assistance

  • I.P strategy and protection
  • Funding
  • Commercialisation and business strategy
  • Innovation challenge participant  (Winner 2014)

Website: https://www.tanda.co