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Sports predictive analytics

What if you could predict the outcome of sports games better than before? ...that is the aim of Hypometer Technologies.

Their mission is to revolutionise the sporting experience by making predictive analytics accessible.

Since their inception, Hypometer operates Fantasy Insider and Stats Insider, Australia’s first predictive sports analytics platforms aimed at a sports fans, punters and fantasy sports players.

Hypometer founder, Dr Darryl Woodford from the QUT Social Media Research Group, was researching ways to help organisations be more informed about the perceptions and complex behaviour around their brands.

His unique algorithm, based on academically rigorous methodologies, could provide “a much deeper level of insight than the usual hashtag searches and ‘like’ counts,” said Dr Woodford. He wanted to “analyse the content behind every peak and dip in conversation, watch how hashtags change over time, and key into who the key influencers are.”

Dr Woodford wanted to commercialise his program, branded the Hypometer, and develop it further to generate innovative, next generation, social media analytics.

Fantasy Insider

In 2015, Hypometer’s Fantasy Insider became a finalist in the QUT bluebox Accelerator program, powered by QUT bluebox. The program provided an opportunity to rejuvenate and think through the business opportunities from scratch. “We began to explore a wider range of applications for the Hypometer technology, using our strengths in event detection and automated content summaries,” explained Dr Darryl Woodford.

Further proof-of-concept funding enabled development of the web-hosted dashboard service for end-users of the advanced social media analytics, and optimisation of the social media metrics by developing a series of minimum viable prototypes (MVPs).

The MVPs broadened the applicability of the analytics capabilities beyond television and into live events, sports, and movies, and considered a range of delivery models (i.e. consumer-facing app, subscription-based internet dashboard, and delivery of a commercial-ready Software as a Service (SaaS) web interface.

A Soft Launch of the Real-Time Text Dashboard delivered social media interactions with brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, based on a set of keywords that the user provided, and further extended with a list of terms that the system identified as potentially relevant (Dynamic Hashtag Identification).

The Hypometer Live provides customised social intelligence with automatic content creation. Users can watch all the action as it happens, manage the parameters and content of their social media summary, and increase engagement with their customers by implementing the Live Summary Timeline into existing apps or websites.

“Developed with more than $100 000 in proof-of-concept funding from QUT’s innovation arm, QUT bluebox,” Dr Woodford says that today, Hypometer Technologies is revolutionising the Australian sporting experience by making predictive analytics accessible to the masses. Australia’s first sports analytics platform for the fans is built on state-of-the-art data science and machine learning.



AFL fans can tweet up to 15 000 times during a televised match and up to 70000 times during a Grand Final. The official AFL app is the #2 sports app in the Apple Store, with users paying up to $100 for an annual subscription to its features. Hypometer Live can deliver the most relevant tweets representative of goals, injuries and other events during a game within seconds, and in most cases before the official match centre reports on it.

Hypometer today build's predictive analytics models that use a combination of sporting, contextual and betting data to pinpoint the most likely outcomes.

For sports fans, players and teams, predictions add an aspect of statistical knowledge never experienced before. For punters, analytics are key, and in-depth predictions greatly inform decisions.

Engage with their innovation at www.thehypometer.com/

QUT Bluebox assistance

  • I.P strategy and protection
  • Provisional patent application
  • Funding
  • Commercialisation and business strategy
  • Proof of concept
  • QUT Accelerator finalist