Ryan Mets and Chris Greben had an idea that would revolutions the way customers could buy surfboards.

With a passion for technology and surfing the team from boardcave decided to put both these passions to create their start-up, boardcave.

“We found that 81% of consumers research online before making purchases, surfers are uninformed about what surfboards are available. New boards, technology and materials are entering the market every day and the lack of online exposure is resulting in lost sales, and a lack of industry growth for one of world’s most popular lifestyle sports”

It was this idea and knowledge that led to Boardcave. The website allows the user to custom select their board depending on their preference.

Now, Boardcave is available for users in Australia, U.S and Brazil and are taking on their next challenge. They have taken the e-commerce software, known as Cavewire, which they created for Boardcave, and adapted it to suit the wider market.

Mr Mets said the pair realised they had another business opportunity on their hands after brands began inquiring about licencing their software, with about 40 already on board from Australia, the US and Brazil.

Like many of those working in the development side of retail, Mr Mets said he believes the traditional way of looking at bricks and mortar stores and online businesses as separate entities will soon be a thing of the past.

He said they had a small team of hugely talented individuals who were helping to “change the way the world does business online”.

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