Sam James was an Industrial Design QUT student looking to solve a problem many swimmers experience.

It was 2012 and the full body swimming suit, which helped swimmers reduce drag in the water, had just been banned from being used in competition.  Sam put pen to paper to develop the Corsuit.

The Corsuit is a swimming aid that corrects the posture of the swimmer, which in-turn reduces the amount of drag in the water.  Over time training with the Blucore promotes your muscles to develop and maintain the posture making swimmers more efficient.

“The Corsuit started off a concept on a sketchpad at the end of my uni degree, and QUT bluebox were really the ones to help me find the commercial potential in it. If not for them without a doubt [the idea] would have sat on the shelf and never gone anywhere,”

In 2013, Sam founded a start-up company Blucore to take the Corsuit to market.

The Corsuit device is now used in 35 countries, comes in a variety of colours, and has expanded to cater to younger budding Olympic swimmers with the delivery of a children’s range.

Blucore aims to create innovative products to help swimmers improve their technique, and ultimately their performance.  I believe there are a lot of areas of swimming that are yet to be properly addressed, and the Corsuit is just the start,”

QUT Bluebox assistance

  • I.P strategy and protection
  • Funding
  • Commercialisation and business strategy
  • Proof of concept