Commercialisation for Investors

Partnership Opportunities for Industry

We have a portfolio of novel and exciting innovations with a range of investment, licensing and partnership opportunities. Our database is derived from a broad range of research disciplines, containing new innovations and capabilities here at QUT.

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In 2009, QUT was in the top 25% of Australian universities for:

  • patents granted
  • consulting contracted income.

We have started a number of start-up companies, including:

  • Adalta Pty Ltd
  • Rail Innovation Australia Pty Ltd.

Publicly listed companies on the ASX include:

  • Tissue Therapies Ltd: key technologies in novel growth factors and autologous cell therapies for wound healing, tissue repair and cell culture applications.
  • Impedimed Ltd: medical device company focusing on developing and manufacturing non-invasive medical devices using bioimpedance for lymphoedema and body composition (FDA, CE approvals).
  • Agenix Ltd: commercialising monoclonal antibody diagnostics (first University spinoff in 1982 as MabCo; lead candidate is its high-technology blood clot-imaging agent, ThromboView.
  • Evogenix Ltd: offers a fully integrated approach to creating novel antibody products, rapidly converting non-human antibodies to a potent fully humanized product (acquired by Peptech in 2007 for $152 MM, now Arana Therapeutics).
  • PanBio Ltd: markets a wide range of invitro diagnostic tests that are used by hospitals, pathology laboratories and research institutions (acquired by Inverness Medical).
  • Farmacule Bioindustries Pty Ltd: molecular farming company aimed at cost effectively mass producing high-value industrial and therapeutic proteins and biofuels.

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