Research Commercialisation

If you're working on an innovative idea, technology, research outcome, or discovery, we can help you turn it into something with tangible value and real impact.

We can provide you with personalised advice and support at any stage, and connect you with potential industry partners. Talk to us early so we can ensure your intellectual property is protected through the process.

We are interested in research that can create impact in the real world. This may be:

How we can we help commercialisation

QUT bluebox will work with you to:

What is the process?

If you have an idea, research outcome, discovery or project that you believe may have commercial potential the first step is to submit an innovation disclosure for the bluebox team to assess.

Commercialisation Diagram

1. Submit Innovation disclosure

The innovation disclosure is a questionnaire to give the Bluebox team an idea of how to commercialise your idea.  Submit innovation disclosure now.

2. Bluebox assessment

During assessment, the bluebox team will look for:

3. Contact

Bluebox team will be in contact to discuss the outcome of your innovation disclosure.


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For assistance filling the form please contact the QUT bluebox team.

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