Funding and Investing

At QUT bluebox we are focused on successful translation of QUT technology and start up opportunities to the broader market to create both social and commercial impact.

A key challenge in the early stage technologies is bridging that “last 5 meters” which can facilitate uptake or next stage early investment and importantly to do that with our potential collaborators.

To assist with sharing the risk of this final step, QUT has created two dedicated initiatives to support the translation of early stage ventures and technology.

  1. The Go to Market initiative –  a co-investment initiative with our industry partners to support the late stage commercialisation of approved QUT developed technologies to address items such as industrial demonstrations or prototyping or market validation.
  2. QUT Founders fund – this initiative supports equity co-investment with early stage investors in QUT’s in selected startup’s and founder initiatives.   The objective is to again back QUT initiatives and work with industry to overcome some of the aspects of early stage risk.

(For other forms of research focussed funding please contact the QUT’s Office of Research or Office of Commercial Services which assist with grant administration, collaborative research, ethics, research budgets and data management.)

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