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QUT bluebox Accelerator
QUT bluebox Accelerator


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What is the QUT bluebox Accelerator?

The QUT bluebox Accelerator is a three month intensive program aimed at getting you and your startup commercially ready. The program consists of education modules, mentorship from industry leaders, and office space for you to run your business. The program will take a select number of teams and ensure you are supported as you look to get into the market and grow your startup quickly. At the end of the Accelerator you have the opportunity to pitch in front of potential customers, partners and others in startup ecosystem that can provide support to help your idea come to fruition.

QUT Accelerator QUT Accelerator QUT Accelerator

What does the QUT bluebox Accelerator provide?

Early-stage companies and individuals looking to start businesses based on innovative ideas can apply for the Accelerator to receive:

Three months of intensive mentorship followed by 12 months of ongoing support
Startup education
Up to $15k per team*
Office space
Innovative supportive community

*Total funding of up to $15k per team depending on the type of innovation. All funding awarded progressively based on progress achieved. Please see full terms and conditions

Who can apply?

Entrants must be QUT student, staff or alumni who are looking to build a business based on an innovative and high growth idea.

Teams must include at least one (1) QUT student, staff or alumni as a co-founder.

Up to 10 teams will be chosen to take part in this opportunity. Launch your start.

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General Note:When answering the questions below, please keep in mind that the assessors of your application know nothing about your business.

Make sure your answers are to the point, coherent, and easy to understand. Including a short video in your application is optional, however it’s highly recommended.

You can use a phone camera to shoot the video, we don’t care about production value, we just want to learn a bit more about you, your team, and your startup idea.

Application form questions:

2019 Finalists

Bot Hello
QUT Accelerator
Helping brands bring joy and personalisation to their customer interactions with conversational AI.
Participants: Sean Melis, Jay Farrell and Will Nolan
QUT Accelerator
Improving fashion sustainability by empowering renters and hire boutiques.
Participants: April Booij and Aaron Booij
QUT Accelerator
Making event compliance simple, transparent and straightforward.
Participants: Bon Tin and Marie De Guzman
Excite Science
QUT Accelerator
Empowering medical research philanthropy and community engagement by creating unique benefactor experiences.
Participants: Dr Ken Dutton-Regester
QUT Accelerator
Empowering retailers and wholesaling brands, saving them time, money and stress by fostering seamless connections.
Participants: Emma Patterson
QUT Accelerator
Creating a trusting relationship between vehicle owners and honest mechanics.
Participants: Lachlan Palmer
Wakulima Young
QUT Accelerator
Connecting farmers and markets while impacting livelihood.
Participants: Joseph Macharia
QUT Accelerator
An independent, nonpartisan, for-purpose research institute and e-Governance start-upv.
Participants: Dion McCurdy
D-Tech AI
QUT Accelerator
Using artificial intelligence to prevent child drownings.
Participants: Tom Mishteler and Reef Stevens

Key Dates

Applications open: Thursday 13 June 2019

Key Dates

Applications open: FRi 14 June 2019

Applications close: Sun 14 July 2019

Teams Notified: Friday 26 July 2019

Wed 31 July 2019: Kick-Off session |Your Mission Statement |The Lean Startup

Wed 07 Aug: Optional morning hike & breakfast | Your Value Proposition | Making Decisions & Staying Focused | Market Segmentation

Thurs 15 Aug: Developing Soft Skills | Beachhead Market | Team Building Activity

Wed 21 Aug: Optional morning hike & breakfast | Corporate Governance | User Persona

Wed 28 Aug: Risk Assesment | How to Network

Wed 04 Sept: Teamwork & Leadership | Product Developement | Team Building Activity

Wed 11 Sept: Optional morning hike & breakfast | Marketing & Growth | Your KPI's

Wed 18 Sept: Managing Finance | Securing Partnerships | Conflict Resolution

Wed 25 Sept: HR | Ptiching

Wed 02 Oct: Pitching

Wed 09 Oct: Grant Writing | Fundraising

Demo day: | Wednesday 16 October 2019

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We are available in P block room 402 (next to the CUBE) Gardens Point.


QUT bluebox Accelerator FAQ


  • What is the QUT bluebox Accelerator?
  • The QUT Accelerator is a three month intensive startup development program designed to assist new ventures to accelerating their development towards commercial viability.


  • What does the Accelerator involve?
  • The accelerator program involves working on your startup idea over a three month period, including participating in educational sessions, mentoring and a program ending Demo Day. The program is designed to be flexible so that teams can commit full time, or part time based on other commitments, however funding is contingent upon teams achieving reasonable levels of progress throughout the program.

    The program is non-residential, although there are a limited number of sessions that are compulsory to attend throughout the program.

  • Where will the Accelerator program be held?
  • The program will be conducted at QUT Gardens Point.
  • What does the program provide my startup?
  • Mentors

    We provide access to guidance and mentorship from QUT bluebox and industry leading experts. Their role is to support and challenge your team and you will be matched based on personality fit and development needs.


    Start-ups receive $15,000 of funding to participate in the program. QUT bluebox takes a 1.5% stake in your company in the form of a convertible note.


    The Accelerator will provide practical training on problem and customer identification and how to go about developing a solution for those problems. This part of the program will be delivered by experienced startup founders, QUT bluebox staff and industry experts. In addition, the program covers other skills, which are essential for startup founders, such as teamwork, leadership, how to deal with rejection, etc..


  • What is expected of me?
  • As a member of the Accelerator, you will be expected to:

    • Attend scheduled education/workshop sessions and mentoring sessions,
    • Demonstrate regular progress in the development of your idea and your company,
    • Participate in the program ending Demo Day, showcasing your idea to the QUT ecosystem, investors and industry representatives,
    • Be a positive contributor to other teams and the program in general.
  • Do I need to quit my day job to participate in the accelerator?
  • It is not mandatory to be at the accelerator offices for the entire program; the team can choose to use the facilities or not. However, there will be certain mandatory discussions during the program which will require the team to be present. Start-ups who choose to work out of the accelerator office locations can use them 24x7.


  • What are you looking for in a team?
  • We are looking for teams that have the range of skills required to build a successful start-up and this includes relevant technical and business skills. Teams that benefit from accelerator programs also tend to be customer focussed and coachable. Entry is competitive in nature, so being able to express a strong value proposition through the application of an innovative idea (technology, product or service), with a strong team to take the idea to market will increase your chances of be awarded a place in the QUT Accelerator program.
  • I’m a solo founder. Can I get accepted into the Accelerator program, or do you only look for teams?
  • The short answer is yes, however, teams have proved more effective than solo founders and as such, we encourage teams and co-founders. We are looking for great, balanced teams who have a full range of skills. We strongly advise sole founders to seek co-founders to balance the skillset. For example, a strong developer may consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience.
  • How many team places will be available in the program?
  • The program typically has 6-10 teams.
  • At what stage should the teams be?
  • Teams should at least have a minimum viable product, or be able to express a strong value proposition that is based on discussions with real future customers. In other words, teams should have a well identified market problem and a concept which solves that problem.


  • Teams will be selected based on entries provided.
  • Eligibility Criteria

    • Entrants must be working on a novel technology, business model, product or service aimed at solving a demonstrable market need.
    • At least one founding team member must be a QUT student, staff or alumnus.
    • Teams must attend sessions throughout the program at QUT Gardens Point.


    You apply with the link above apply now. The questionnaire is designed to give us insight into the team and your idea.


    The deadline for application is 11.59pm AEST Sunday 14 July 2018.


  • Does it cost to participate in the Accelerator?
  • No. Teams accepted
  • When will my team get the funds?
  • Full funding will be granted on the second month of the program. Performance will be assessed by QUT bluebox at regular intervals, based on pre-determined performance criteria.
  • If I don’t form a successful company, do I have to pay the money back?
  • No. The funds are being provided to help new ventures develop their ideas and gain market traction.
  • What can I use the funds for?
  • The funds can be used for any reasonable expense associated with the development of your start-up. This includes paying yourself during the course of the Accelerator program to make time for the development of your concept/business.


  • What publicity requirements are there for the programme?
  • All teams should display the QUT bluebox logo on their company websites ‘about us’ page. QUT bluebox should be mentioned in any press releases or publicity during and up to 12-months after the programme i.e. “QUT bluebox Accelerator 2017 backed Company X signs $1,000,000 investment deal with huge Venture Capital company Y”.
  • What happens when the Accelerator program ends?
  • On the last day of the program, start-ups will be given the opportunity to pitch their idea and give a demo to prominent technology investors and leaders.
  • How can i stay updated about the QUT bluebox Accelerator?
  • Stay updated about the QUT bluebox Accelerator by joining our mailing list at
  • I still have questions about the QUT bluebox Accelerator
  • Please send additional questions to