Corporate Governance

QUT bluebox has established corporate governance practices, which have been designed with a focus on responsible stewardship, integrity, accountability and effective risk management, essentially advocating the implementation of guidelines and mechanisms to ensure ethical behaviour and protect the interests of stakeholders. QUT bluebox governance framework is concerned with structures and processes for decision making and with the controls and behaviours that support effective accountability for performance outcomes and results. This encompasses:

  • Defining and monitoring the strategic direction
  • Defining policy and procedures to operate within legal and social requirements;
  • Establishing control and accountability systems
  • Reviewing and monitoring management and the organisations performance
  • Risk management

To that end, the Board has adopted a Corporate Governance Statement and Code of Conduct consistent with these principles which details responsibilities and functions of the board, board composition and operation, responsibilities of the Audit Compliance and Risk Management Committee, responsibilities of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee, audit processes, risk identification, mandatory codes of conduct and other important issues.

For more information, please download our 2016 Statutory Report.