Why the change?

As a company that has been in operation since 2006 our services have evolved and diversified to meet the needs of today.  In recent years QUT bluebox has reviewed its focus to deliver more relevant impact for QUT students, staff, and alumni. It is an exciting time for QUT bluebox, with the diversification of services we have created a new logo and brand to reflect our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and capabilities.

The new logo

The new QUT bluebox logo and brand is reflective of us as a company and our work.

In essence, QUT bluebox is a launching pad for the QUT community; we help students, staff and alumni launch their ideas and make an impact in the real world.

Our logo features a cyan blue font for ‘QUT’ all in capitals to make it easy to read and to demonstrate our link to QUT.

The navy font of ‘bluebox’ is the same corporate blue as QUT to further demonstrate this link.

QUT bluebox logo

The dynamic burst

The icon demonstrates a box using negative space (white), with navy blue bursts to represent bluebox launching in all direction and the different light blue tips (cyan) represent our client’s ideas.

The different directions signify the diversity of our capabilities, diversity of our clients and the strength of our reach.

QUT bluebox burst

What our brand change means to you:

  • Our name is now to be written as QUT bluebox, capital ‘QUT’ small ‘b’ for bluebox.
  • We have a new website, if you saved some pages from our old site please note that some of the pages may have moved.
  • New layouts, you may notice different layouts in our documents.
  • Our new logo, if you have a copy of our old logo and require the updated version please contact us.

Some things won’t change:

  • Our name and contact details – we are still QUT bluebox, the dedicated commercialisation arm of QUT
  • Our ABN – our ABN remains the same
  • Our contracts – contract created with our old brand will remain in place and there is no change to the stipulations in the contract.
  • Our values – our values are focused on greater engagement, being agile, facilitating balanced outcomes and building collaboration and
  • Our commitment for innovation for the real world