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bluebox primary role is to transfer QUT innovations to the real world. We work with you to identify, protect and commercialise QUT Intellectual Property. Innovation and knowledge transfer is a team sport, requiring a large range of skills and expertise. Not every innovative idea will follow the same process and often a dynamic team approach is required for commercialisation success.

If you are a QUT researcher and have an innovative idea or research outcome we encourage you to contact one of our bluebox Managers; the earlier the better. We will then work with you to put the idea through our process, which is depicted below and involves identifying and assessing commercial potential, protecting intellectual property, building and executing development plans, and negotiating commercial deals. The steps may occur in sequence and often occur simultaneously.

The innovation transfer and commercialisation process from start to finish takes time and effort from all parties to achieve a commercial deal, whether it is a research agreement, license, or start-up company. We encourage you to actively consult bluebox and be involved throughout the all of the innovation transfer and commercialisation activities.

bluebox activities


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