QUT innovations can attract financial support from a wide range of investors which may include: Queensland University of Technology, qutbluebox Pty Ltd through Proof of Concept Investment, Industry, Angel Investors, Federal and State Governments through grants, and Venture Capital Investors.

Investor Reason for Investment
QUT Attract Research Funding, Long-term Funding
qutbluebox Pty Ltd Attract Interest in Projects, Revenue through licensing partnerships and startup companies
Industry New Products = Increased Profit Margin
Friends and Family Return on Investment
Angel Investors Return on Investment
Federal and State Government New Industry, Jobs, economic development, $
Office of Commercial Services Return on Investment
Office of Research Return on Investment
Venture Capital

Large Return on Investment

For other forms of funding please contact the Office of Research which assists with grant administration, collaborative research, ethics, research budgets and data management.

bluebox Proof of Concept Investment

We administer the bluebox Proof of Concept fund to help facilitate and accelerate the process of positioning QUT projects for commercialisation and adoption by industry and the wider community.

Achieving proof of concept involves adding commercial value to a project by generating evidence that the innovation actually works and could lead to a commercially viable product, service or process.
Proof of concept activities are aimed at progressing the project to a stage where:

  • Additional external investment in the intellectual property is possible (such as obtaining commercially relevant data that will demonstrate the viability of the project to an investor or provider of further commercial funding), or
  • An industry partner or licensee might agree to take a licence to the discovery.

The POC fund is aligned with QUT's stated vision to undertake high-impact research and development in selected areas, at the highest international standards, reinforcing its applied emphasis and securing significant commercial and practical outcomes.

Further information about the fund can be found by perusing the bluebox POC fund FAQs.

bluebox Proof of Concept Investment


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