Innovation Disclosures

It is important that you contact bluebox if you have an idea, research outcome, discovery or project that you believe may have commercial potential and/or an intellectual property position. Please seek bluebox advice, especially before presenting at conferences or submitting manuscripts.

The earlier you come to bluebox with your idea the better, that way we can work together to perform due diligence, build an intellectual property management strategy and project development plan. Please be careful who you tell outside of the University until bluebox due diligence process is complete and any potential QUT Intellectual Property is protected.

The information you provide will allow us to determine whether QUT is able to support your innovations commercial future. The more details you provide about the technical and commercial merits of your innovation, the better. Although no two projects are ever the same, during the due diligence we consider the following factors when assessing new innovation disclosures:

  • Market Need
  • Stage of research or development
  • Public disclosures
  • Intellectual Property protection (includes patent and literature searches)
  • Intellectual property ownership, prior funding and contractual arrangements
  • Competitive advantage vs. state of the art
  • Researcher motivations and expectations
  • Competition and potential commercial partners
  • Commercialisation pathways including the industries appetite for licensing
  • Future development plans, funding required and funding availability
  • Social, creative and societal value

Submit an Innovation Disclosure

bluebox encourages QUT faculty, staff and students to use the bluebox Innovation disclosure form to submit disclosures. Once you have submitted the form, it will automatically be forwarded to bluebox. Alternatively you can also submit s disclosure by emailing a completed disclosure form to one of the bluebox staff, please contact us to receive a copy of the disclosure form.

Submit Disclosure through our online form


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