case studies

Immersive Interactive System

Immersive Interactive System Proof of Concept
The Immersive Interactive System (IIS) is an interactive platform technology, initially targeted at the early childhood education and entertainment. The IIS offers whole body and tangible interaction via floor based gaming to explore digital environments. Together with the QUT Innovators, bluebox secured Commercialisation Australia Funding to develop an improved prototype and demonstrate the system to a range of prospective buyers.

Swim Training Device

Swim Training Device Full Commercial Outcome
This innovative training device developed at QUT may enhance the core stability and alignment of competitive swimmers. bluebox worked closely with the QUT inventors, to secure funding, develop and trial a variety of prototypes, as well as initiate a range of discussions with industry leaders. bluebox licensed the intellectual property to start-up company blucore, and the device is now being sold in over 35 countries by 15 distributors.

ImpediMed Limited

ImpediMed Limited Start Up Company
ImpediMed is an internationally successful company originating from research collaboration between QUT and University of Queensland. ImpediMed designs and produces medical devices for diagnosing and monitoring human disorders and diseases, including secondary lymphoedema in breast cancer survivors.

Solar Cells

Solar Cells Proof of Concept
QUT researchers developed a concept for solar cells that work when partially in the shade, having the potential to boost electricity production by shaded cells. Together with the QUT researchers, bluebox secured Proof-of-Concept funding to assess commercial viability through engaging an independent firm, as well as develop and test the prototype. Allowing the team to identify early on that the innovation was technically successful, however in the current environment not commercially feasible.

Tissue Therapies Limited

Tissue Therapies Limited Start Up Company
Tissue Therapies Limited was established to commercialise a novel cell attachment scaffold technology developed at QUT. Tissue Therapies is a biomedical technology company that develops effective treatments for hard to heal wounds and is currently focused on launching VitroGro® ECM in Europe and preparing the way for entering the USA and rest of world markets.

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