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Brisbane Biotech Pioneer Heads QUT's Innovation Arm

Queensland's first ever chief scientist is helping QUT turn its world-leading research into real-world patents and products. Professor Peter Andrews AO is the new Chairman of QUT's independent commercialisation arm, qutbluebox. Read More

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Field-based hamstring measuring device

QUT's Dr Anthony Shield and former QUT PhD student, Dr David Opar, are developing a field-based device for measuring hamstring strength. The device is coming to the end of a large-scale proof-of-concept trial with professional AFL and Rugby Union teams. There is a growing interest in the device among both Australian and overseas sporting groups. Read More

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Waterproof Coating

bluebox has secured $200,000 investment to fast-track development of QUT's new economical and environmentally friendly waterproof coating.

The coating could be the first commercially available waterproofing product that is 100% recyclable and renewable.

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The next generation social media analytics tool

With bluebox proof-of-concept funding, QUT researchers are building a next generation social media analytics tool as a social media control room for events and campaigns. Read More

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Finding a cure for deadly horse disease

qutbluebox is supporting the development of a treatment for laminitis. The disease is the second biggest cause of death in horses. Watch the video

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$250,000 Innovation Challenge

The qutbluebox Innovation Challenge is open to QUT alumni, students and staff with an entrepreneurial vision. The 2016 winners shared prizes totalling $250,000!

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bluebox Innovation Transfer Workshop

bluebox Innovation Transfer Workshop for QUT researchers.

Running from 26th to 27th March 2015, this workshop gives QUT researchers the skills and knowledge to take their research to the real world with support from bluebox.

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Got a New Idea?

If you have a new idea, research outcome, discovery or project that you believe may have commercial potential contact one of our friendly staff, or fill in one of our online innovation disclosure forms.

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Innovation and External Engagement Checklist App

bluebox has created an app with click through checklists helping to make sure all areas are covered when looking at many different aspects of commercialising innovations.

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innovation challenge

The qutbluebox $250,000 Innovation Challenge helps take innovations to the real world. View our latest set of winners HERE!

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Innovation Portfolio

bluebox manages a portfolio of novel and exciting innovations and we encourage you to explore them for potential investment, licensing and partnership opportunities.

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Feel free to contact us with any queries, we are happy to have a chat anytime. Also our Frequently Asked Questions section may be of assistance.

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What is BlueBox?

qutbluebox Pty Limited (bluebox) is the innovation and knowledge transfer company for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. We work with QUT researchers to identify, protect and enable the commercialisation of QUT’s innovations through managing QUT Intellectual Property assets, negotiating licence agreements, forming start-up companies and working with industry and the community.

We have the expertise and networks to improve the overall impact of QUT research through translating QUT innovations into commercial products, processes and services. Our team consists of experienced professionals with industry-relevant technical backgrounds and a broad range of skills in innovation, intellectual property protection, legal, financing and management areas.

We manage the portfolio of QUT Innovations and administer the bluebox Proof-of-Concept fund which aims to accelerate the overall innovation transfer and diffusion process.

We aim to foster QUT’s spirit of innovation by increasing QUT researchers understanding and awareness of intellectual property management and commercial practices through attending and hosting various events.

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